Signature Services Without Compromise


Signature Services

A portfolio of signature services from the best in the world

Luminary Consiglieres

Our luminaries are the best in the world at what they do. Now you can get their best advice & highest tier of service never before available at any price.

Dedicated Advisor

Get paired with a dedicated advisor who ensures a premium experience throughout. You're in good hands here.

Partner portfolio

We're constantly expanding our curated collection of top performing agencies & partners serving the extraordinary needs of ultra high net worth clientele.

Full service AI Agency

Harness the future today & turn AI into a money-making superpower while minimizing the danger of reputation damage, extortion, security threats & more

Tax Minimization

Smart money makes smart decisions โ€“ UHNW tax minimization strategies, legal offshore strategies, secondary citizen passports & more

Wealth Maximization

Investment opportunities, deal flow, little-known strategies specifically for UHNW & more

Venture Philanthropy

Give the gift that keeps giving โ€“ venture philanthropy applies proven business principles to ensure maximum impact, sustainability & transformation

Health & Longevity

Ensure your best years are ahead of you with access to the top experts & latest developments in the fields of hyper health, biohacking, longevity & more

Lifestyle Design

Make every day your best day ever with lifestyle design consultants, experience designers, exotic service agencies & more

Everything to live better


The very best of everthing for our most discerning clients

Private Reserve is our exclusive portfolio of signature services & elite agencies serving post economic clients.

Explore a world of exclusive signature services featuring our luminaries, agencies & partners simply unavailable to anyone else.

As a Private Reserve member, your dedicated consigliere advisor understands your dreams & goals, connects you with a worldwide network of vetted experts & ensures an ultra premium experience.

Want to engage the best in the world? Good luck - they aren't taking new clients. But Private Reserve members skip the wait lists & get in with the best in every business.

  • Ultra premium consigliere advisor services

  • Consult with your dedicated strategic advisor any time

  • Agencies & partners specializing in ultra high net worth clients

  • Portfolio of signature services featuring luminaries & partners

  • Need a specialty service we don't offer yet? We'll recruit the best in the world just for you

  • Benefits your charity of choice in partnership with Launch Ventures

For those who deserve the very best


Prestige Plan

Turn your dreams into action with world-class advice & access


How it works

Our flagship service helps extraordinary clients live your biggest dreams, maximize your business & scale your philanthropy into a multi-generational legacy.

Your dedicated advisor understands your vision & connects you with perfect partners from our diverse portfolio to make it reality.

Work directly with your own dedicated advisor & our full management team to create a strategic Action Plan tailored just for you, then execute it with our trusted partner network.

Private Reserve Action Plan members unlock access to our Bronze level partners & services.

  • Get priority access to our distinguished partner portfolio

  • Custom Action Plan tailored to accomplish your vision & goals

  • Our management team ensures a premium experience

  • Benefits your charity of choice in partnership with Launch Ventures


For clients with a net worth starting at US $20 million. Retainer of $200,000 (for most situations) will be applied to any Bronze level Signature Services in our partner portfolio.

  • $20m+ net worth

  • $200k annual retainer

  • Access all Bronze partners & services

  • Retainer covers first $200k of services


Elite Plan

Upgrade to VIP personalized attention from our senior advisors

How it works

Work exclusively with your dedicated senior advisor directly throughout your entire process and receive VIP access as the entire senior team personally researches and prepares your bespoke Action Plan.

Youโ€™ll receive front-of-the-line service and even greater personalized attention so that your Action Plan is ready to execute even faster.

Private Reserve Elite members unlock access to our Silver level partners & services.

  • Design & execute your plan faster for maximum results

  • Priority VIP attention & direct access to senior leaders

  • Call or message your dedicated advisor any time

  • Benefits your charity of choice in partnership with Launch Ventures


For clients or enterprises with a net worth starting at US $50 million. Retainer of US $1 million (for most situations) will be applied to any Silver level Signature Services in our partner portfolio.

  • $50m+ net worth

  • $500k annual retainer

  • Access all Silver partners & services

  • Retainer covers first $500k of services



7 Day Summit

Add on an exclusive getaway at our private penthouse with featured luminaries & world-class experts

Featuring Launch Lounge - Nashville tn's most exclusive private downtown penthouse

How it works

Our most immersive and bespoke experience, designed for those who expect only the very best. Your Private Concierge will arrange everything to ensure the seamless experience you deserve.

Youโ€™ll consult with your dedicated senior advisor, featured luminaries & partners in person for an entire week at our private Nashville penthouse or your estate for the ultimate strategic experience in total comfort and privacy.

Adding this upgrade to any Private Reserve membership unlocks access to our ultra exclusive Gold level partners & services.

  • Our most immersive & bespoke experience

  • Strategy summit with featured luminaries & world-class experts

  • Escape to our private Nashville penthouse or we come to you

  • Four engagements per year to use any time you need

  • Add to enhance any Private Reserve membership plan

  • Benefits your charity of choice in partnership with Launch Ventures


Up to four engagements per year for qualified clients. Retainer of $400,000 inclusive of expenses in addition to a Private Reserve membership plan.

  • $400k retainer includes expenses

  • Upgrade any Premium Reserve plan

  • Access all Gold partners & services

  • Additional perks & upgrades included

World-class partners for life

Our Process

7 Minutes

Let's Get Started

We'll email you a personalized welcome package to get started. Take 6-7 minutes to fill out our application form and feel free to be as detailed and forthright with your answers as possible. This helps ensure youโ€™re a good fit for our services while affording us a more thorough understanding of your dreams, goals and needs. You'll receive a priority response in 1-2 business days.

45 Minutes

One-to-One Onboarding Call

Once approved, we'll schedule your one-to-one onboarding call to go over the finer details and better understand your goals. Then, once youโ€™re happy to proceed, weโ€™ll get to work right away on your Action Plan.

Usually 4 to 6 weeks

Designing Your Action Plan

The multi-week diagnostic process is where we compile specific information and drill down into the finer details before delivering our evaluation & recommendations. Youโ€™ll spend less than 6 hours on the phone in total while we handle all the rest behind the scenes.

On average 2 hours

Presenting Your Action Plan

Our diagnostic work culminates in a phone call where our Strategy team presents you with a step-by-step overview of your comprehensive Action Plan. We go through each point with you โ€“ every detail is included.

12 months

Implementing Your Action Plan

Your Action Plan is implemented over a 12-month period. We handle all the administration work the Action Plan requires while also providing concierge services with ongoing advising, project management, partner management & much more.

Renewable each year

Ongoing Partners For Life

In an ever-changing world, updating and upgrading your Action Plan makes sense. Weโ€™ll keep you up to date with the developments you need to know while assisting with new dreams, goals & life changes. Plus, wherever you go, our concierge service is always just a phone call away. From personal matters to business administration, we can ensure all aspects continue to run smoothly.

Live your dream tomorrow today


Signature Spotlight

Harness the unlimited future of AI today

Featuring partner - world leader in AI doubling for celebrities

Be everywhere, all the time โ€“ forever

Our full service AI agency helps talent turn AI into their newest superpower.

Hyperreal likeness doubling means you're always in your prime โ€“ forever. We're expert custodians of your AI likeness & broker licensing deals so it's a revenue-generating asset in perpetuity for generations to come.

Annual body scans means you're always up to date with the latest technology.

Stay protected with the latest in deepfake policing to minimize potential reputation damage, extortion, security threats & more.

Full Service AI Agency
  • Complete AI talent agency

  • Likeness licensing deal brokers

  • Hyperreal likeness doubling

  • Deepfake policing & takedowns

  • AI specialist legal team

  • AI assisted business optimization specialists

  • Much more

Available to Private Reserve members only




Legendary properties & destinations

Words tell, stories sell โ€“ especially when their next viral video features your ultra exclusive designer property.

If you want to sell your $3m+ dream property faster & grab a ton of attention doing it, that's what we do best.

  • Sell dreams not properties

  • We partner with top real estate brands & brokers to grab attention & sell properties

  • Get your property featured in viral videos with our influencers

  • Sales-focused online marketing services

  • Our influencers get exclusive access to shoot content at our properties

  • Get in touch for details

Get your dream property sold

Got questions? I got you.

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Solopreneur, Built To Sell unlimited agency owner, & the guy behind Agency Launch. Going unlimited totally transformed my life โ€“ now it's your turn!

How can I help? Email me here or DM me in the app.


Epic Experiences

Featuring Launch Lounge โ€“ Nashville TNโ€™s most exclusive private penthouse

Enhanced Virtual & IRL events

Do epic stuff with epic people

Awesomeness happens here.

Main & VIP Stages inside the app feature live luminary sessions, showcases, AMAs, meet & greets, backstage passes, expert panels, watch parties, masterminds & much more.

Reserved exclusively for our luminary & brand partners is Launch Lounge โ€“ Nashville TN's most exclusive downtown private penthouse with panoramic urban views as far as the eye can see. Perfect for video shoots, VIP excursions, hosted parties & more. You just show up โ€“ your Personal Concierge handles the rest.

  • Main Stage & VIP stages in the app

  • Free & pay per view enhanced experiences

  • Virtual live streams, AMAs, watch parties, showcases, meet & greets & more

  • IRL events hosted in Nashville TN's most exclusive downtown roof top penthouse

  • Penthouse reserved for luminaries, partners & select Private Reserve experiences only

  • Video shoots, VIP excursions, parties & more

  • Personal Concierge & event hosting services

  • Ticket sales benefit transformational charities through Launch Ventures

You've never experienced anything like this

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A Venture Philanthropy Lab

Transforming tomorrow today through business-powered generosity



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