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Get rewarded for helping agencies go unlimited

Make a real difference to real people while transforming your business & bank account together with high level luminaries, business coaches, brands & causes just like you.


Join the internet's VIP club


We're transforming futures, making money & having fun doing all that together. You in?


Get paid to transform lives & bank accounts (including yours)

It's a beautiful future-transforming & money-making circle (fancy people call it "vertically integrated", whatever that means)

  • Get paid to transform real people's futures & families

  • Get paid to attract perfect prospects & begging buyers

  • Get paid to help them skill up & make more money

  • Get paid to coach their businesses to max sellability

  • Hire the best agencies to make you more profitable

  • Get personal concigliere advisors in everything with Private Reserve

  • Get paid to offer signature services to UHNW Private Reserve members

  • Get exclusive venture philanthropy advisors & opportunities

  • Get paid to donate a percent of sales to your charity of choice

  • Shout out the awesome results you get

  • The circle of profit begins again (hakuna matata?)

interested? watch this Then we'll talk

My superpower = I stay 110% focused on our partner program

BETTER TOGETHER. You grab attention + I build booming digital businesses = win win win. I'm NOT on the content treadmill. I'm NOT chasing followers, I'm NOT targeting beginners. Chase two rabbits, catch none.

Plus I've almost died twice so I'm busy doing not dreaming)

Agency Launch πŸš€

Power partner affiliate program

Make $ helping agencies go unlimited

  • Contribute training sessions to All Access Pass

  • Promote your affiliate promo link

  • Earn up to 40% affiliate commissions

  • Earn up to 5% for recruiting partners

  • Lifetime payouts per buyer

  • Donation matching to your charity of choice

  • Commissions paid out monthly

  • Exclusive access to work with Launch Studios

  • Exclusive access to Private Reserve

  • Exclusive Alliance VIP club



Up to 40%

Earn money (called a Tier 1 affiliate commission in marketing speak) for every sale made using your promo link

  • Tier 1 partners start at 30% affiliate commission*

  • * Some products have alternative commission rates & terms

  • Each month's top 10% of partners earn a 10% bonus

  • Donate a % to charity & we'll match it (up to 5%)


+ Up to 5%

When you recruit a partner (called a Tier 2 affiliate in marketing speak) you earn 5% for every sale made using their promo link

  • Invite business buddy influencer friends to join as a partner

  • Make a commission (aka an override in sales speak) whenever someone who joined using their promo link buys something


Make $ πŸš€

Here's how the affiliate program works

All Access Pass - your ultimate lead magnet

We win bigger together. Everybody's existing low ticket training products go into a premium bundle. Every season is shockingly new, grabs attention & upsells our ultra high ticket products you'll make commissions on as long as the member keeps paying (up to 24 months).

  • All Access Pass premium bundle

  • Every new season is a launch promo event

  • Promotes your existing low ticket trainings

  • Cross-promotes to everyone's audience

  • Upsell your own products inside your trainings

  • We upsell buyers & you make commissions

  • Courses, challenges, etc.

  • Recorded workshops, webinars, etc.

  • Playbooks, guides, downloads & more

Make $ promoting your special link

You get credit for every member who joins after clicking your special promo link. When they buy, you get paid a %. Simple. We keep it spicy with monthly partner promotions, collabs, bonuses, leaderboards, challenges, friendly competitions & anything you can think of to keep winning bigger together.

Cool collabs that print cash

Connect & cross-promote with other Alliance members to win bigger together. Get featured on stages inside the community to your dream buyers any time you want.

  • Cross-promote to a community of dream buyers

  • Exclusive virtual experiences

  • Live streams & AMAs

  • Featured expert sessions

  • Main Stage virtual events

  • VIP Stage virtual events

  • Connect with brands & causes

Connect πŸš€

Kinda like the cool kids club

Hang with high level winners like you

You know your group text with a couple business buddies? This is that, just with buddies across every niche. Some might call it a "mastermind", but that makes me think of the scammy gurus Coffeezilla rugs. This is definitely NOT that.

Learn what's working in other niches

Different is better than better. Borrow one money-making strategy, use it in your niche & change everything. Or just keep it same same. You choose.

Alliance is the internet's VIP club

If you are who you're with, then get in the club with high achievers who are leveling way up & having fun doing it together.


Launch πŸš€


Outsourced Agency Services


Team πŸš€

Hire & get hired

Launch Studios is the ultimate talent scout

You're busy. You're picky. And you don't know what you don't know. We're here to help. We connect you with the best agencies in every specialty. They make you look great, you shout 'em out & we all win.

Certified Platinum pros boost your profits

When you hire Launch Studios, you're working with top Certified Platinum agencies with proven track records of peak performance & results that speak for themselves.

Get booked for VIP & corporate gigs

Launch Studios is also a talent agency for our luminary partners, specializing in interactive digital experiences (think highly paid public speaking & corporate training gigs but without leaving your house or even changing out of those comfy sweat pants).

  • VIP virtual appearances

  • Online training academies

  • Corporate virtual events

  • Keynotes, breakouts, panels

  • PR & booking services

  • Much more

AI services for influencers, celebrities & VIPs

Now that any teenager in mom's basement can make a digital clone of you for free & fake news the entire world, let's turn AI into your newest superpower (& money maker). We'll keep bad people from doing bad things with your likeness & we'll leverage the latest in AI so you can be everywhere all at once all the time (while you sleep).

  • Get paid while your AI does the work

  • AI likeness licensing deal broker

  • Reputation monitoring & management

  • Deepfake police

  • AI specialist legal team

  • Be everywhere all the time

Partners to win bigger together

Alliance πŸš€


Built To Sell Consulting For Personal Brands

  • Watch here - Alex's formula for Built To Sell personal brand businesses & exactly how to scale from $3m to $30m to $100m+ 

  • Watch here - Alex's $100m sales strategy with high ticket closing scripts to sell anyone anything without sounding salesy

  • Watch here - Roland Frasier's 5 secrets for personal brands to turn influence into affluence, transform audiences into assets & create a business worth buying


"Want the secret to turning influence into affluence? There's 5 ways influencers can build exponential wealth by transforming audiences into assets & create a personal brand business worth buying."

ROLAND FRASIER, Tax & Securities Attorney, Business Investor & Built To Sell business mentor

☝️ Roland explains his best advice for built to sell personal brand businesses in under 45 minutes

Sellable πŸš€

Build a business worth buying

Personal brand "business"? Ha. 

News flash - if you're an "influencer", you don't have a "business" - you have a (hopefully) high-paying job. And smart money doesn't buy jobs as an "investment vehicle". (Read E-Myth Revisited - $10 that gets $100m+).

So save a bunch of $ while you're trapped in the content treadmill until you burn out. After that, you'll fade into obscurity as the "where are they now" has-been popping up on low budget daytime reality shows in a couple decades.

Unless you actually build a Built To Sell business. That's what we do best.

Ignorance is killing your future

Personal brand businesses usually hit a wall around $3m-$10m. Mostly because you don't know what you don't know.

All we're doing is running you through the playbook Alex Hormozi & Roland Frasier teach fo' free on YouTube University – it's just that everything's funner with friends.

No one buys face-based businesses

Let's face it (see what I did there?) – if you've never heard the term key man risk, you will when you get turned down by everyone you hope will buy your influencer "job" when you've been in the game long enough to know what winning looks like.

We'll work you through Acquisition.com Alex Hormozi's proven $46m exit plan for transitioning your face out of the biz & maxing out sellability (aka "valuation").


Get help designing a Built To Sell business


"Ignorance is killing your future. Every year you don't know how to make 30 million dollars costs you 30 million dollars."

ALEX HORMOZI, Acquisition.com $100m+ E-learning empire mogul

☝️ Alex explains his formula for built to sell personal brand businesses & exactly how to scale from $3m to $30m to $100m+


Are you a perfect match?

To ensure a premium experience for everyone involved, our partner program is by application only. We're looking for industry experts, luminaries, brands & causes that would be a great fit for our audience & members.


Content Creators

Built an online audience who can relate to our world? Bloggers, YouTubers and influencers - we want you!


Online Educators & Experts

Spread the word through your informative courses. Add your affiliate link to your materials and grow with us!



When our products add value to yours, we all win bigger together.



Collab with us! We'll empower your audience & you'll make money having a blast together.



We'll work with you to entertain, empower & inspire your audience. 


Something Else

Get in touch! We'd love to discover new ways to serve our audience better.

Don’t quite fit the bill but believe you have something unique to offer? Give us a shout!


Got more questions? Get in touch.

How Does It Work?

Once we approve your application, you will receive a unique affiliate link and access to our marketing kit. Simply promote your link wherever is appropriate. Each time you refer a new customer who makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

How Much Can I Earn as an Affiliate?

The sky’s the limit! 

How Long Will a Customer Be Attributed to My Account?

Occasionally, it takes customers a few of days to make their purchase. Bearing this in mind, we have your customers locked-in for 30 days!

Is There a Minimum Payout Threshold?

Yes, we pay our affiliates once their tally reaches $200.

Do I Need To Have Bought Your Product(s) First?

Not necessarily, however, the more familiar you are with our products, the easier it will be to promote it.

How Do I Get Paid?

Payment is processed through PayPal. Please ensure your correct PayPal email is included in your application.

When Do I Get Paid?

We have a 30-day refund policy on our products. Following the clearance of the purchase, we will pay you within 30 days. Generally that means you'll be paid within 60 days.

Do’s & Don’ts


  • Promote us on social media
  • Write about us on blogs & articles
  • Create educational video tutorials
  • Place our logos & banners on websites
  • Send your affiliate link to email subscribers


  • Use your affiliate link on coupon or discount websites
  • Falsely advertise us in any manner
  • Modify our logos, banners or other marketing collateral
  • Use your affiliate link for your own purchases
  • Offer unofficial discounts or coupon codes
  • Advertise us through pay-per-click ads (including search engines, social media, video banners or anything else)

Got questions? I got you.

πŸ‘‹ Hi I'm Daniel Bennett

Solopreneur, Built To Sell unlimited agency owner legendmedia.co, & the guy behind Agency Launch. Going unlimited totally transformed my life – now it's your turn!

How can I help? Email me here or DM me in the app.



Signature Services Without Compromise

Portfolio of signature services including full service AI agency


The very best of everthing for our most discerning clients

Private Reserve is our exclusive portfolio of signature services & elite agencies serving extraordinary clients.

Explore a world of exclusive signature services featuring our luminaries, agencies & partners simply unavailable to anyone else.

As a Private Reserve member, your dedicated consigliere advisor understands your dreams & goals, connects you with a worldwide network of vetted experts & ensures an ultra premium experience.

Want to engage the best in the world? Good luck - they aren't taking new clients. But Private Reserve members skip the wait lists & get in with the best in every business.

  • Ultra premium consigliere advisor services

  • Agencies & partners specializing in ultra high net worth clients

  • Portfolio of signature services featuring luminaries & partners

  • Complete AI talent agency & licensing deal brokers

  • Legal tax minimization specialists

  • Effective wealth maximization strategists

  • Venture philanthropy advisors & services

  • Biohacking, health & longevity specialists

  • Lifestyle consultants & elite experience designers

  • Need a specialty service we don't offer yet? We'll recruit the best in the world just for you

For those who deserve the very best




Legendary properties & destinations

Words tell, stories sell – especially when their next viral video features your ultra exclusive designer property.

If you want to sell your $3m+ dream property faster & grab a ton of attention doing it, that's what we do best.

  • Sell dreams not properties

  • We partner with top real estate brands & brokers to grab attention & sell properties

  • Get your property featured in viral videos with our influencers

  • Sales-focused online marketing services

  • Our influencers get exclusive access to shoot content at our properties

  • Get in touch for details

Get your dream property sold

Epic Experiences

Featuring Launch Lounge – Nashville TN’s most exclusive private penthouse

Enhanced Virtual & IRL events

Do epic stuff with epic people

Awesomeness happens here.

Main & VIP Stages inside the app feature live luminary sessions, showcases, AMAs, meet & greets, backstage passes, expert panels, watch parties, masterminds & much more.

Reserved exclusively for our luminary & brand partners is Launch Lounge – Nashville TN's most exclusive downtown private penthouse with panoramic urban views as far as the eye can see. Perfect for video shoots, VIP excursions, hosted parties & more. You just show up – your Personal Concierge handles the rest.

  • Main Stage & VIP stages in the app

  • Free & pay per view enhanced experiences

  • Virtual live streams, AMAs, watch parties, showcases, meet & greets & more

  • IRL events hosted in Nashville TN's most exclusive downtown roof top penthouse

  • Penthouse reserved for luminaries, partners & select Private Reserve experiences only

  • Video shoots, VIP excursions, parties & more

  • Personal Concierge & event hosting services

  • Ticket sales benefit transformational charities through Launch Ventures

You've never experienced anything like this

Launch πŸš€


Superpowered Services

for VIPs, teams, corporate, franchises & more

outsourced agency services

Work with the best in every business

Team work makes the dream work (cheesy but the truest stuff usually is).

Top results take top talent. That's why Launch Studios exists – one place to hire the best of the best to enhance & amplify your existing team.

When you hire Launch Studios, you're working with our Certified Platinum agencies with proven track records of peak performance & results that speak for themselves.

  • Top results take top talent

  • Outsourced specialty agency services for every industry

  • All industries – sales, marketing, creative, legal, finance, consulting, recruiting & more

  • Certified Platinum pros boost your profits

  • Featuring our Certified Platinum agency members

  • Talent agency for our luminary partners 

  • AI likeness licensing agency & deepfake legal team

  • Much more

Let's do something great together

Launch Supply co


Sweet swag for a cause

Wish your fave luminary (podcaster, YouTuber, etc) constantly dropped fresh merch designs & limited edition collabs? Now they can! (Think Supreme + Off-White x Mother Teresa).

Limited edition drops, giveaways, flash sales, exclusive upgrades, design vault, design of the month club, premium member perks & much more.

  • Custom graphics for luminaries & brands

  • Exclusive limited edition designs

  • Graphic digital merch downloads

  • Custom lock screens, wallpapers, stickers, etc.

  • Get the graphic printed on anything

  • Fans submit graphics & get shoutouts

  • All sales benefit charities

Get gear for good

Launch U


πŸ‘†these are real fan's first dollars! Are you next?


Ready-to-grow businesses anyone can start

Since starting anything is the hardest (& scariest) part, our luminaries got you! Their simple business blueprints help anyone make your first dollar in a day.

If knowledge unlocks power, this is how we give the gift that keeps giving (you know, the whole "teach 'em to fish" thing).

We believe everyone needs a hand up sometimes (vs. a hand out) & we want you to make $1 fast & get rich slow (but for sure).

  • Luminaries' complete "business in a box"

  • Quick start business blueprints

  • Step by step guided path to your first $1

  • Start a business this weekend

  • Great for side hustles, kid biz & more

  • All sales benefit charities

advanced skill building courses

Learn anything with your fave luminaries

Level up your high income earning superpowers with courses taught by our luminary experts.

You get exclusive members only bonuses not available anywhere else to get better results faster.

  • Get advanced training courses from luminaries

  • Special bonuses for members only

  • Unlock premium perks, streaks & more


Learn with legends

Launch πŸš€


A Venture Philanthropy Lab

Transforming tomorrow today through business-powered generosity



Future Focused Finance

Isn't it time for more?

Agency Launch πŸš€

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